Ever have someone Photoshop a picture you send them? 
Well Bill is notorious for doing this. Here is a small collection of his work

Before, Knee boarding in the Delta

After, God knows where I am. It looks cold.

Before, Amity before becoming the Bushwacker

After, The Bushwacker with Jeff and I and our new van


Before, Jeff racing in Las Vegas

After, as the motor explodes. Look Jeff is paranoid enough as it is.

Looks like Bill is trying to slow the car around the turn

Before, Jamie taking a picture

After, Jamie almost becoming lunch for Jaws

Before, My new office addition

After, the dump???

Quiet little house

After, right next to the airport?

Before, Marty and I looking at the boat as we install the Genset

After, Jeff's new jet ski. What does this look like, Mike's boat? Jeff won't live that down

Barry and I sailing with a chicken head?

Before, Me taking a nap as seen on one of the home security cameras

After, how could a sleep through the dancing girl?

Before, The boat quietly at anchorage

After, till it blows up

Before, The Blue Angels in SF

After, giving the City what it needs. Hey save one for Berkeley

Before, Jeff's web site

After, Jeff tripping over the fence on his Vulture Crossing web site

Bill added these two Jet Skis to this truck over the cliff picture.