The Bottom Line

After everything was completed, I took the motor over to Jerry Woods Enterprises and had them dyno the engine. Here's what we got:

Max HP was 332@ 7500rpm. Max Torque was 252 ft-lbs from 5500-6750. Not bad. The most surprising result was what happened when we switched from 110 Leaded to 100 Unleaded fuel. Some may say it's the octane but after I contacted the fuel companies in search of answers, they assure me that it's the oxygen content in the unleaded gasoline that's responsible for the power gains, not the octane levels. The most noticible difference was in the low power band which is where it was needed most.


At the last event at Thunderhill (got down to 1:55.7 on the first outing from a previous best of 1:58.5) I took the car to the Chassis Dyno at Boyd's and after we recreated the results that Jerry Woods got on his dyno, we re-tuned the fuel map in the engine to fix some mid-range problems. After the tuning was complete, the figures went up to about 340hp and the lag in the 4500-5500rpm range was gone.

What's next? Well, after we compared some notes with another engine that SCARGO built that made about 25 more hp, we've decided to put a new cam in the motor. That will happen on the first rebuild but I've already got the new cams. Stay tuned... : )