The Navigator     

Mr. William Bailey, is the current residing navigator of the vessel Bushwacker.
I really need to update all of the crew pages. I think this was last updated in the late 80's

This is a more recent shot. Look how the family has grown
I need to even update this as the kids are young men now.


Bill has been a little side tracked and has been neglecting his duties after his
acquisition of the Gatecrasher.
The Gatecrasher is a Farrollon 28, and is pictured below with the proud owners.

That good looking babe is his wife, so sorry girls!

Bill reeling in this 32lb salmon

Bill was also kind enough to provide us with his "early years" photos click here to view them.

Here's Bill doing an interpretive dance of docking the GateCrasher after a long day fishing.

Here is a collection of Bill's finest work

If you can click on the guy, he might moon you!