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Sears Point ALMS event, July 2001.  What a blast!

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Sears Point
American LeMans Event Flyer
July 20-24, 2001

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Laguna Seca
American LeMans Event Flyer
Sept 7-9, 2001

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Thunderhill cresting the "Cyclone" at the top of turn 5.

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Willow Springs Raceway.  This is a great shot.

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ALMS event at Sears Point.  That puney 935 is no match for the Wacker Race Car.

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Screeming into turn 11 at Sears Point.  Hard on the brakes. 
You basically go from 130 down to 10mph in a few seconds.

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My buddy Tony Irvin takes these amazing shots. 
He's really got an eye for this stuff.  He's a bit camera shy, however!

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Some Tail

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More Tail.

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Thunderhill coming through the "S's"

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Sears Point, Turn 11

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Sears Point, in the pits.

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Sears Point - yes, that's a 962 just ahead of me.  I'll take him in the straightaway.   Sha, right!

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The ALMS event at Sears had about 15,000 people. 
This shot was taken on top of my RV right next to the podium.

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ALMS event at Sears Point, July 2001