Welcome to the Bushwacker Racing Website, the sister car to the Sailing Vessel Bushwacker.  The Bushwacker Racecar torments the tracks in California and selected other states in the HSR, NASA, SCCA, PCA and POC club race series.  We've built a very competitive race car over the years and much of the credit must go to Rob King at SCARGO Racing, Jerry Woods Porsche Engine Building and Jay Jarvis, my crew chief.  If it looks like I'm in love with my car, it's because I am.  The wife says I spend more time with it than I do with her...  she used to be right!


The end of 2002 went out w/ a bang. Literally. During the Laguna Seca PCA National Club race, I was coming thru the corkscrew and heard a loud bang, followed by tons of smoke in the cockpit. The race was over, but now was the chance to build a radical new motor. The old engine had over 200 hours of use on it and was just a tad tired.

Time for a complete rebuild. Boyd's Enterprises did all the work on the new engine and it's running strong. So, here we go again. For 2003, improvements include:

  • New 3.4L, 340hp full-race Motor
  • SCARGO Racing Headers
  • AIM EVO 16 channel data acquistion system
  • 4 Gallon oil tank
  • Transmission cooler
  • 22 gallon fuel cell

Follow this link for a story on how we designed the motor, chose components and had all the work done, all well within budget (amazing) and on-time (even more amazing).

Follow this link for the Dyno Results of the 3.4L motor.