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Events on our about the year of 1997 follow:

ani_eyes.gif (5076 bytes)Dec 11th, 1997 Jeff doesn't have enough hobbies as it is and decides he needs to buy a Porsche Race Car! Check out the pictures online and wish him well as he tries to buy car insurance for it!

Dec 10th, 1997 Wow... we've had to rebuild the web site 3 times in the past 2 days. Jeff decides that its time to upgrade to a new 300Mhz Dell NT computer (8GB HD, 96MB ram) and run the site from his 10MB/sec cable modem connection at his house. That's why you're seeing the funky opening message when you hit the home page. We hope to fix that soon. And add things like Searching the site, Streaming Video and Audio, and much more!

ani_eyes.gif (5076 bytes)Nov 17th, 1997 The Bushwacker Web site has now had over 3000 individual visitors since March '97 and rising!!   Check out the latest access log and see where people are coming from!  AOL seems to be topping the list as the most popular ISP.  Maybe we should change the resolution of the pictures we take.  Nawww.  Tell 'em to get a faster modem!

Nov 1st, 1997 The Bushwacker Halloween Party (CABH Party) is a total success and we weren't even kicked out of the marina. Follow this link for pictures, stories, and other amusements. You won't believe your eyes...


Oct 26th Marina Village neighbors stand horrified as surround sound system gets installed and tested on the Bushwacker. Some sailors threaten to have Jeff banned, as a bad influence on sailing, but power boaters come to his aid. Follow this link for more details.

 Oct 20th Most of the work is done, now it's time to PARTY! Bushwacker crew hosts CABH Party. Your invite is on the web. Follow the link for more details.

Oct 19th The last project for the week is the rigging and lines. As our 9 days come to an end, we are both exhausted. More exterior shots of the Bushwacker.

Oct 14th The interior is completed in this section. See what a job we did in 5 days! I need to go back to work to recover. Interior pictures of the Bushwacker (without the surround sound systems) are here.

Oct 11th Karen and I start 9 days of work on the Bushwacker. Follow our progress with this section as we do the electrical, clean up and move in. We also take a day off with Barry and Ann.

Oct. 4th New Bushwacker hits the water. See the transformation as she we get ready to start on her. This section starts with paint and boat yard work and the launching.

Sept 28th Our last weekend on the old Bushwacker. The new Bushwacker should be in the water next weekend. Roger has his going to Mexico party, lots of pictures. Barry and Ann are also due to arrive back after a year in Mexico. 

Sept 28th The Bushwacker has a new logo and a redesign of the homepage on the website!  After our Director of Art and Multimedia Projects (Jeff) got through with the guys at the sign shop, we think its fit for placing on the side of the new Bushwacker!! Heck its almost 12 feet long and 18" tall. 

 Sept 9th The transformation begins, Amity is out of the water at Nelson's Boat Yard. Wow that's a big boat. 

Sept 1st Fearless crew goes to San Diego to bring Amity to her new home in the Bay Area. All goes well, she is one tough lady. Next stop the boat yard and some final paperwork, then the transformation begins. Stay with us! 

Aug 17th We head down to visit Barry and Ann in San Diego, and look at a new boat. Could this be the next Bushwacker? Could be.... 

Aug 8th Karen's brother Bob and his girl friend Sheri, join us for four days of sightseeing, eating, drinking and eating . Did I mention eating twice? 

Aug 1st Hot off the press. The long awaited Abacus Adventures chapter 5. Yes, now we can get caught up with the March through June 1997 travel log, as viewed through the eyes of the very talented Ann Graf. It's like the next Star Wars chapter, well without R2D2 and C3PO. 

June 28th The Bushwacker prepares to leave for the Delta, We will be there all the month of July!  Check out the pictures online  as they happen or stop bye and say HI! Don't forget to bring beer and your laptop, I have a feeling Red Alert will be the hit this year!. 

June 13th Friday the 13th races! This time we had front row seats and not from the Tide House. Check out the pictures online! 

May 28th The Bushwacker web site celebrates it's 1 year anniversary. Karen and I, Jeff and Lori head out for a 4 day celebration party. Check out the pictures online! 

May 3rd Jeff's party was a smash!  Check out the pictures online! 

May 2nd Gary's office mates pull birthday surprise on him. "My office smells like farm animals" pictures are online.  Check it out! 

April 30th Jeff has an all out bash planned at his pad and the plans are online.  Check it out! 

April 22nd The Captain's new dog has a few things in mind for its new owners, especially since the Captain flatly refuses to allow it to urinate on the new BBQ.  Mister Larry can vouch for the fierceness of the animal. Time to fire up the new Barbie!! 

April 18th Busy Weekend!! This was the final weekend for NAS Alameda, We went on the base for the final festivities. We went on board the Presidential Yacht Potomac, and on board a modern day Liberty Ship. The Aircraft Carrier Hornet was in Alameda, but is not open to the public as of yet.We also saw some W.W.II vintage bombers, and then headed for the boat show in Oakland. 

April 9th Flash, this just in, we now have a way to detect if the beef you eat has been infected with Mad Cow Disease.  Follow this link to learn more! 

April 7th It's that time of the year again to start thinking about the Delta Trip. This year we will leave Marina Village on Friday June 30th and will be in Potato Slough till July 6th . Click here to remember last year. 

Mar 23rd The crew of the Bushwacker heads out for Treasure Island. Click here for an update. 

Feb 27th Captain Larry adds new crew members to the sailing vessel Amanda, with a little help from his lovely wife Lisa. Click here for an update and a picture of things that shouldn't be seen. 

Jan 22nd The missing Abacus trip reports finally appear. If your having trouble sleeping at night click here!  

Jan 2nd Captain rings in the new year with new baby. It's over 13 feet long and weighs over 1700 lbs. Click here for the birth announcement!  

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