The Bushwacker News. Reported just the way it happened, more or less
The Bushwacker News
(reported just the way it happened, more or less)

Events that happened in 2006

As 2006 comes to a close. Follow this link to see the end of a truly great year. We take the Motor home to big Sur for Christmas with the Graf's and also go to Monterey to watch the storm roll in. We celebrate New Years at the AYC. We really did a lot this year! Merry Christmas and a great 2007 to all.

2nd Half of 2006. This section is for all the other things we did the remainder of the year. Sometimes you just need to sum it all up with a single news article. Follow this link as we update you all the way to Christmas. I am sure that week will need it's own link.

Thanksgiving 2006. Karen, Luke and I head south to southern California to spend Thanksgiving with Bob and Sheri. I am sure I gained 5 pounds on the trip with all we ate and drank. We had a great trip it makes me feel like the holidays are here. I can't wait till next years Lake Powell trip. Follow this link for the pictures.

September 2006. While at a PRC club event at Thunderhill raceway, Jeff gets in a nasty wreck and hammers the car. At least we get this great video from the on-board camera system. Jeff is OK and is looking for donations for the "help me get it back on the track fund".   Here is the link to the crash video.

Labor Day 2006. Karen and I are ready for a real road trip. We pack up the motor home and Waverunners and head for Lake Powell via Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Follow the journey as we update it from the road. We arrive in Lake Powell and meet up with brother Bob and Sheri. What a trip....

July 2006. We head to the Pacific Northwest for our first trip of the 2006 season aboard the Abacus. Barry puts together some great videos of our trip. Follow this link to see them. I have added all the videos now... What a trip.... Thanks Barry and Ann for a great time.

July 4th 2006. This motor home stuff is fun. It's not the same as being on the Bushwacker, but it is like a land powerboat. What the hell am I saying? I must have been drinking.. Karen and I head up to the Delta for the long weekend (and I mean long). We go out on the Waverunners every day. We cover almost every inch of the Delta.

June 2006. Our first overnighter in the motor home. We hook up the Waverunners and blast off to the Delta Bay Club for the first of three trips there. The area has been completely remodeled and the people we real friendly. The whole area is under redevelopment and people are sinking some money into the area. Added June 19th weekend pictures to this section.

Memorial Day 2006. Yes summer is here, finally. We start with the first outing of the summer and as usual it's Angel Island. It's a little windy at first, but turns into an excellent weekend. We get there early so we have a great spot. Batman joins the Bushwacker crew. Follow this link for more. New pictures added 6-9-06

May 20th 2006. It's that time again for the annual Taurus Party. This year we hosted it at the Alameda Yacht Club. It took a few days to get it all together but the party was a success and no one went to jail. Great food and drinks. Thanks to all of you for your help.... Follow this link for the pictures

April 22, 2006 We add another vehicle to the Bushwacker fleet. This should help us use the Waverunners more effetely, not to mention brother Bob wanted us to go to Lake Powell and the river with him this year. You didn't think I was going to show up and sleep in a tent did you? New Pictures added 5-14-06

Maui Map

February 2006.    As three of the biggest storms move towards California, Karen and I decide to ride the storm out in Maui. I know you're going to scream out "chicken" so just do it and get it over. Hey look at the tan I got going for summer already. Follow this link for the pictures.

January 21, 2006 While Jeff is out fishing the Captain decides it's time for some new summer Delta toys. Follow this wild ride that starts with winning an eBay auction, then a trip to LA, followed by the maiden voyage. They are so fast you can hardly get a grin going ear to ear... Now I am looking forward to the Delta this summer.

January 12-19 2006, Jeff goes Marlin fishing in Mexico on one of his racing buddies' boat, the 110' Westport "Hi-Ball".  Bring your Scopamine patches and find out what big-game fishing on a big-game boat is all about. 

December 2005, We spent the Christmas holidays with Barry and Ann aboard the Abacus in Sidney BC Canada. If you can believe it the weather was better than at home, but not by much. Barry also wanted to recreate this adventure using Photostory, so here goes. It's 10MB so you know the bandwidth requirements... 

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