The Bushwacker News. Reported just the way it happened, more or less
The Bushwacker News
(reported just the way it happened, more or less)

Events that happened in 2005

cooked turkey

Thanksgiving 2005 Are the holidays really here already? We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with Dennis and Susi. The next day Barry and I head north to visit Jeff and Lori and see what progress they have made on the new house. We also want to test some of the award winning wines and make some more for next time.

November 18,2005  Karen and I spend the weekend shoveling snow from the marina docks as we dig out of one of the years worst winter storms. What the HELL am I saying? We did no such thing in California. It's more like went to Treasure Island for a great sunny weekend. No Worries joins us for dinner and a movie. Summer is NOT over yet.

October 1, 2005   We take the final trip of the summer to the Pacific Northwest. We get a little rain but overall it was a great trip. The summer season had ended so we had the place to ourselves. I even look forward to a Canadian Christmas. I do have one question, explain Canadian Thanksgiving to me? It is an inside joke, buy me a beer and I will tell you about it.

September 1st, 2005 As summer winds down we make a last ditch run for Angel Island in hopes of one last hot, sunny, party weekend. Bill and Jeff join Karen, I and Mr. Luke. The sun does show up finally. I must say that was a weak summer. I guess it seems short because we didn't do to the delta this year. That won't happen again, the bay is just too cold and foggy in the summer ....

August 17th 2005 It's haul out time again. Well, not really, we went to install the generator and the thru hull had been plugged and filled in by the previous owner (before John). Rather than drill it out in the water we took the safe route and were going to hang it in the sling. While we were out Tim at Svendsens made a bold statement that he could pull the Bushwacker out and cradle it for a bottom job. Generator Project Completed. On time and on Budget.

August 1st, 2005. I head off to the Pacific Northwest to help Barry put the Abacus through it's sea trials. After a few modifications were out on the water and having fun. I'll add to this as we go as we have wireless everywhere we go thanks to Broadband Xpress. Somebody in the bay area needs to get a clue.

Q2 2005 Update. 4th of July pictures and the new Abacus? Follow this link as we update the events of Summer 7-29-06 2005. 51' Power boat hits the rocks. See it here.. Next week off to the Pacific Northwest to the new boat. What happen to summer? This was a short one.

June 17th 2005. New additions drive up power consumption. Unlike California we started preparing for the new power plant before we needed it. Jeff proves that he can not only make fiberglass race car parts, but can build a generator platform for the Bushwacker. To think this is where it started 10 weeks ago. See 8-17 for the conclusion to the project.

June 7th 2005. Needing some excitement on the boat, I decided, with Karen and Chuck's help, to replace the aging Entertainment Center with some state of the art electronics. 42" plasma TV, Dell multimedia PC w/ wireless keyboard and mouse, new DVD collection, computer network and wireless internet. Out with the old VCR, CD player, 150 VCR, tapes, 600 CDs, Say hello to 2005!

Memorial Day 2005. Some said winter would never end. The local weatherman predicted fog and cooler weather for the weekend. We all said "piss off you don't know what your talking about" and as usual we had great weather and a great spot in the cove.

Mom's 70th Birthday Party pictures. Sorry it took so long to get these pictures up on the web site. Follow this link to see all the pictures. After missing the 50th Birthday Party because of the arrival of the Catalina 36 Bushwacker. WOW that was 20 years ago.

04-13-2005 Jeff decides Gary is incapable of keeping up on news that happens in Sonoma County and therefore decides a new webpage is in order.  Jeff risks all and goes on Wine Country Balloon Rescue in his front yard....   Hopi remodel is coming along nicely.  Gets warning from the County building inspector that day workers need bathroom breaks just like the rest of us.... who knew? Warning - large download....

Q1 Update, 2005. With record rain fall this year winter has been brutal. However I still manage to get in a little fun as spring starts to kick in. Only a few months till summer! Well here is what I have been up to. More pictures to follow.

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