The Bushwacker News. Reported just the way it happened, more or less
The Bushwacker News
(reported just the way it happened, more or less)

Events that happened in 2001

The end of 2001, Well it was a wild year to say the least. I decided to update the site and give you a quick glimpse into what Karen and I have been up to far the last four months. No we were not just sitting at home being "Couch Potatoes" NOTE: If your on dial up, it will take awhile, good luck!

December 4 2001, Happy Holidays from The crew of the Bushwacker, Enjoy the holidays, here is the color version of the year in review we sent in our Christmas cards.

November 11 2001, Bushwacker Racing update. Jeff finishes up the 2001 racing season. He decides to just sit back and reflect on the events of the year. Yea right!, If you believe that, I also have a bridge for sale. Follow this link to see the next trick up his sleeve. 12-29-01 Updated pictures added to this section

After the events of 9-11-01, I decided to create the Osama Bin Ladden page (like the joke section wasn't enough already).  Most of you have really enjoyed this information so I wanted to make it easier to get to. If you have additional material for this page please email it to me. 
We will prevail,
God Bless America.

October 1,2001  Another hot and beautiful weekend. Why did we have to wait till the end of summer? Join us as we spend the weekend at Treasure Island, Also see the capture of the notorious terrorist Mohammad Wally as we uncover his plot against sail boaters.   

September 14,2001  Just as I thought summer was coming to an end we have a weekend like this. After all that happened in NY this week I was surprised how many people just needed to get away from it all. Life just seems a little easier out here. This sure has been a crazy week and I don't think the stock market is finished either. 

September 01,2001  As the summer of 2001 comes to an end  we head out to Angel Island for the Labor day weekend. 
To an end???  Where did this year go? I can see I need to spend more time out and about. It seems like only a few months ago we were at Jeff's Millennium party waiting for the melt down that never came.

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August 12th 2001  Bushwacker Racing gets a major overhaul. Well it's about time. Jeff calls himself the webmaster, but I seem to be doing all the editing. Follow this link to see what a great job he has done. The car looks great! Look at all the new pictures...Way to go Jeff.... And nice job with the skull heads.

Port Windows and Marine Hardware Cast and polished in solid bronze.

August 11th 2001  After 3 months of waiting, the new ports are here. Were they on a slow boat from China,  you ask? They were. What do you expect when you have them custom made. Follow this link to view the project. 

July 4th 2001  What a week. Fireworks, Angel Island, Sausalito, sun, good friends. We didn't want to go home. Follow this link as the crew of the Bushwacker and Abacus tour the bay in search of fun and relaxation.

June 10th 2001  Come on Hun, it's only a broken leg. Lets not let that stop us from going to Treasure Island for the weekend. We have Bill along so you just take it easy and we'll do all the work. Famous last words from the Captian.

May 26th 2001  Memorial Day Weekend. Is this the start of summer? Not by the weather. Why is it hot all week and foggy all weekend? Karen has a little fall on the island. Gatecrasher returns to the SF bay. Follow the link for more information on these stories.

May 12th 2001  KFOG Kaboom Fireworks show. Hell we have to get out of the slip and go somewhere. It was a bay packed evening. 14 people on the Bushwacker and 500 boats on the water. What a night.

February 14th 2001  Rain rain go away. Well it won't, so off to Mexico we go. Karen, I, Barry and Ann head south of the border for two weeks. Two weeks? What about your job you say. Don't worry I took care of that too.


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